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A Prize Bundle Worth Over


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A Seriously Epic Prize Bundle

If you ask us, it’s the best student prize pack. Ever.

// $20,000 GIC?1.7.4
A $20,000 GIC
$20,000 GIC for your piggy bank-or, you know-tuition.
//$5,000 Euro Trip?1.7.4
$5,000 Euro Trip
We're giving you a $5,000 Euro Trip. You pick where you go.
// Year of Groceries?1.7.4
A Year of Groceries
Your fridge will be overflowing with $5,000 in groceries.
College Pro
//$4,000 in Books?1.7.4
$4,000 in Books
With $4,000 worth of books, you'll just have to worry about a sturdy knapsack.
// Mountain Getaway?1.7.4
Blue Mountain Getaway
Grab your skis, your snowboard and 3 of your buds.
Blue Mountain Resort
//$5,000 Shopping Spree?1.7.4
$5,000 Shopping Spree
Suit up! Dress for success with a $5,000 clothing shopping spree.
// Fido Bundle?1.7.4
The Fido Bundle
The ultimate bundle from Fido. Plus bonus prizes every Friday.
// for a Year?1.7.4
Tuition for a Year
Up to $7,500 to help pay your tuition costs for the next school year.
//$1,000 Costco Cash Card?1.7.4
$1,000 Costco Cash Card
Buy $1,000 worth of TP or whatever you want to spend $1,000 on at Costco.
Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
// Surprise Prize?1.7.4
The Surprise Prize
A mystery prize chosen specifically for you.
//$1,000 Gift Card?1.7.4
$1,000 Gift Card
$1,000 in gift cards from any retailer on
// & France for Two?1.7.4
Spain & France for Two
A European getaway for you and a lucky ami(go).
//$1,000 in Pizza Pizza?1.7.4
$1,000 in Pizza Pizza
Pizza party! With $1,000 in Pizza Pizza, throw the tastiest party imaginable.
Pizza Pizza Limited
// Ford Focus?1.7.4
2016 Ford Focus
So yeah, we just went ahead and added a brand new car. That happened.
Ford Canada
Coming Soon
Next Prize is Coming...
The Next Prize Launches Soon.

A Truly Life-Changing Experience

See how it feels to be crowned Canada’s Luckiest Student

Daniel Pracsovics
Prize Value: $88,673
CLS3 Winner
Daniel Pracsovics
University of Waterloo
Leah Meanwell
Prize Value: $51,193
CLS2 Winner
Leah Meanwell
University of British Columbia
Taylor Esselment
Prize Value: $64,595
CLS Winner
Taylor Esselment
University of Western Ontario

How it Works

Get started. It’s as easy as tying your shoes.

Step 1
1 Create Your SLN Profile
In just 43 seconds (according to our lab monkeys), you can create a profile and be entered to win the Canada’s Luckiest Student. If you’ve ever participated in an SLN contest before, just login for an even quicker way to enter.
2 Pick Your Prizes
$20,000 is awesome. But there's more to win. Opt in to the additional prizes. If you win, you win everything, but only if you've opted in. Remember, new prizes will be added throughout the contest, so check back.
Step 1
Step 1
3 Increase Your Odds of Winning
Extra entries increase your odds of winning. Earn extra entries by opting in to prizes, completing social actions, or entering voucher codes (try LEVELUP). Stay alert as new entries will be added daily throughout the contest.

Fourth Time’s the Charm

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